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Happy 10th Anniversary CC2k!Happy 10th Anniversary CC2k!

It's the tenth anniversary of CyberCity 2000 and while this original CC2k site has remained the rock and foundation of the CyberCorp 2000 enterprise, we have been busy planning an even bigger better CC2k. I won't divulge the location just yet because we are still adding the little things that you have been asking for over the years. But I will outline below a few features of the NEW CC2k Enterprise.

I know we've said this a million times, but let us say it again, CyberCity 2000 is YOUR website.

Well we've been developing lots of areas in CC2k to keep you informed, educated, and entertained. Won't you take a few minutes and drop us a line? Let us know what you like or dislike about CC2k? Your feedback plays an important role in the change and expansion that takes place in CyberCity 2000. Your input provides the foundation for future projects here at CC2k. Please take a moment to participate in the growth that makes CC2k a class above the ordinary.


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Spam Free Email that works!Spam Free Email that works!

I don't know how you feel when it comes to your inbox, but I used to dread it! On a typical morning I would lose 20-45 minutes of my valuable time just sifting through and deleting the 400-500 pieces of junk mail I got on a daily basis. It got so bad that at times I ended up deleting emails I had been waiting for just because I was trying to get through the spam too fast.

A day in the life of Manta:
Get up, go into kitchen and make coffee.
Got my coffee, better see what's up with business today.
Go to my computer and check mail, "Oh Great!", another 370 pieces of crap I don't need don't want and can't stand. I'd kill these assholes if I could get my hands on them. Everyday I win 3-5 Lotteries, at least once a week President Umbutu or some other South African official wants me to help them smuggle 20 or 30 million out of the country for which they will reward me with a healthy share of the profit, and if my luck isn't good enough, some long lost relative in England has passed away leaving me 25 million dollars, and all I have to do to collect is give them my bank account so they can transfer the money into it. "YEAH RIGHT!" Just how gullible of an asshole do you think I am.

The fact is I wasted my morning sifting through this shit because I can't afford to lose my business emails by bulk deleting the stuff and if that isn't insult enough I am bombarded by ads wanting to sell me crap to make my D**k bigger and help it stay harder longer, and if I can't find anything to do with it, there are 3 or 4 very nice Russian girls who just happen to have found my non-existent romance profiles and want to come to America and help me relieve my new stiffie. After I send them some money to get here of course!

Anyway, you get the picture. I'm sure most of you deal with the same stuff on a daily basis, right? Yeah I thought so.
Well, let me share something with you. For the past month or so I have been using a new spam filtering email account I have at No Peddlers.
We created nopeddlers.com because we were sick and tired of the same old bull. Anytime I tried to use spam filtering it always ended up blocking a lot of my important email too and so I got together with the other developers here at CC2k to create a brand new approach to filtering.We wanted something where the end user could maintain total control over who could email them. We had to make it easy to use, and yet powerful enough to do the job. It had to work with our existing emails because our existing friends and business contacts need to stay in touch and and be able to switch over to our new address at their leisure.
Our result was No Peddlers and "The Guardian Email Firewall"!

From day one my email dropped to almost nothing. I still get all my favorite news letters that I subscribed to. I still get my important emails from businesses and friends, but the spam is gone! No more viagra ads, no more long lost relatives, no more Russian chicks trying to scam my wallet, and best of all I can get through my email in 10 minutes or less depending on any replies I needed to write.
Now that the beta testing is over we are opening the system to the public. So if you are like I was, and sick and tired of spam come on over to www.nopeddlers.com and give the Guardian Email Firewall a try.

The first month is free and if you like it you can keep your trial account for less than 15 cents a day!

The Guardian Email Firewall Features

  • Total User Control
  • You Control 100% of Filtering
  • Absolute Ease of Use - Set Filters in seconds
  • Can Work with Existing Email Addresses
  • You only get the email you want

PS: Since we just came out of beta Your favorite email address   might still be available if you hurry

CyberCorp 2000
Improving the internet one page at a time™

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New Social Networking site features free web space and voice chat.New Social Networking Features

We've had it in the works for a long time to create a personal web pages section of CC2k so our members could create a myspace environment. We conducted a study of myspace, yahoo 360, MSN, Live and a few other popular social networks. We asked a lot of questions, what do you like about it, what don't you like about it, what do you find difficult, what would make it easier , etc, etc.
After a year long study we are fast working on what we believe will address all those concerns and offer a truly awesome experience for the CC2k population.
This new social network is part of the CC2k offerings and will available in the Summer of 2000.

CC2k Social Network

  • P2P Voice Chat Rooms
  • Personal Webpages
  • Dating Service Web2.0 Style
  • Instant Messaging
  • Friends Lists
  • Personal Photo Galleries
  • Blogs and Blurbs
  • Easy Web Space Administration
  • Personal RSS Feeds

Best of all... We are not blinded by a desire to make money, only a desire to make the net great! So.. some of the things you will be seeing is actively patrolled servers with the purpose of eliminating predators, spammers, and pornographers. If you are one of these types we really don't care for your visits and so you can just stay at those other web sites and be their problem. CC2k is dedicated to providing an internet experience that is fun. A place for members  to communicate with friends, share photos, stories, chat and most of all have fun!

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CC2k Internet Indoor Shopping Mall

CC2k Internet Indoor Shopping Mall

shope 180 stores and 2.9 million items at The Indoor Internet Mall


The Internet Mall has reached 180 stores and 2.9 million items!.

These are just a few of the great stores that are featured at The Indoor Internet Mall!

CC2k Shopping Mall Features

  • Shop in 3D or Traditional 2D
  • Full database to accommodate your stock and photos
  • Auto sizing of images to ensure fast page loads and quality presentation.
  • Coupon creation system for running those specials
  • Storefronts Leased By application only to ensure quality
  • Creative Easy to Navigate design
  • NOT just another link farm

Get the Quality you deserve set up shop in the Internet Indoor Mall now!

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Real Estate For Sale By OwnerCC2k Homes - Real Estate For Sale By Owner

For owners wanting to try their hand at selling their own home we have developed CC2khomes AKA: Castle4sale where you can list your home for free and save thousands of dollars in commission fees. Listing is fast, easy, and you can keep your listing until your home sells. We also provide a secure contact form so your email address is never exposed to the public.

Real State Listings by Owners

  • Do you want to save thousands in commission fees? Of course, everyone does.
  • Would you like to protect your email address but not miss out on potential buyers?  Who wouldn't.
  • Give CC2khomes a try now.
  • Its Fast!
  • Its Free!
  • Its Easy!


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More CC2k projects and upcoming web sitesCyberCity 2000 will just keep getting better

It has been far too long that CC2k has retained the traditional web format. Especially when we have been developing cutting edge programming for our clients at other business firms like Bikers World, Always Keep In Touch, and Same Day Printing for almost a decade now.

Well... The slumber is over and CC2k is powering up in a way that will spark the imagination of many and be the delight of it's visitors. CyberCity 2000 is not some fly by night operation. We spent 1997 on the layout and planning for CC2k, with a brief period of online presence during the late summer and fall months. In 1998 we began the programming of CC2k rev2 which was officially launched online March 98. V2.0 had it's humble beginnings as a search page and children's activity section. In the months that followed CyberCity 2000 continued to grow, adding music, live radio, culture, history and science.

The future for CyberCity 2000 is brighter than ever. As stated in the news items above, there are literally dozens of projects to be implemented during this coming year, the first of which are already online in and being tweaked and improved upon daily. We aren't going to tell you all the great stuff coming because we don't want to spoil the surprises. But stay tuned, CyberCity 2000 is here to stay!

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Free internet voice chat party line styleCyberCity 2000 Internet Party Line

    CC2k has redesigned its voice chat programs to provide you with more power than ever before. Internet Voice Chat Party Line Style is coming back to CC2k once again, And have we got some surprises to go along with it. There is an all new interface and the features are awesome!

(NEW VERSION of CC2k Voice Chat to be Released Jun. 1, 2008)

These servers have been a long time coming but we are certainly glad the wait is over. Along with the return of Voice Chat, comes plenty of new features such as.

  • P2P Voice Chat Rooms
  • Password Protected Rooms
  • Click to Join
  • Search for Friends Online
  • Browse Public Rooms
  • Private Room Admin Features

Internet chatting party line style with voice is a way for you to communicate on the net via a simple headset and client program. The program is very small. under 2 megs and will not interfere with your other programs. In fact you don't even need to save the file to your drive, just tell it to run and it will launch right from your browser and self delete when you are done using it. Using the CC2k Voice Chat in this live way also means you will always have the latest stable release.

If you are tired of typing, or are finding it difficult to get your meaning clear with just text, try Internet Voice Chat today!

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CC2k affiliates and partners CC2k recognizes the following partners

CyberCorp 2000 wishes to extend its thanks for the help and support provided by the following businesses. Your  support and   donations have helped make possible many cutting edge technologies and new web features throughout the CC2k family of websites.


Sincerest Thanks
The CC2k Development Team

CyberCorp 2000
Improving the internet one page at a time™


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