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CyberCity 2000 Gallery - Hand Crafted Art

CyberCity 2000 proudly presents the works of Dan & Sue Nunes

My Works

Dan and Sue Nunes have been residents of the Big Bear Valley for twelve years. Dan is a Paramedic/Firefighter by profession but his passion has always been art. He feels each piece he creates has its own spiritual value; therefore, no two of his gourds are alike. Each is handcrafted individually. Dan's work can not only be used as birdhouses but as decorative accents as well. He has actually gone to the extent of drilling small holes in the bottom of the birdhouse so that when it rains the water will drain out, keeping baby birds dry. Dan's work is truly unique and exquisite and after all there are a lot of homeless birds in the world who could use a good home.

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Please note that all of the wonderful work you will see are samples of different styles you can order. You are not purchasing the exact piece in a given photo. All of Dan's pieces represented here range from twelve to sixteen inches and are sold for $40.00 each.


The beautiful CEDAR WAXWING bird in some of DAN NUNES presentations is actually a sculpture by DAN HEIMAN. Some of his work may be seen in 'QUACKS AND QUILTS" in another parat of our CYBERCITY 2000 GALLERY.