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CyberCity 2000 Gallery - Paintings

CyberCity 2000 proudly presents the paintings of David A. Hart

My Works

"Art to me is more than just the stroke of a brush. It is full of emotion and feelings. I have always had the desire to create, even as a young lad in the small village I grew up in I drew and painted. It wasn't until I came to live in California that I was able to pursue my love of Art. My studio is in my home and is open to those interested in knowing more or sharing their lovefor fine Art."

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Besides creating breath taking paintings Dave also enables you to put a touch of fine Art in your home or business with hand painted designer tiles. Each tile is hand painted and then fired in a kiln. Hand painted porcelain survives heat, cold, snow and rain. The Bobcat in the collage of Dave's tile work has been outdoors in our Big Bear Lake Zoo for four years now with no sign of fading or wear. Dave's Fine Art on tile is being enjoyed by many home and business owners throughout the United States.

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