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10 Articles Revealing the Secrets to Successful Search Engine Placement

Like you, we have also go thru the continuing struggles of staying up in the search engine results. The ever changing world of search engine algorithms have been a major headache at times, and in the end one thing we have learned is content is king!

Sure there are times when it appears the bad guys are winning, those times when you spend hours running thru google and yahoo searches only to find page after page of spam. There are times when you feel the only way to win is to cheat like all the rest, but believe us, those who do not will come out on top in the end.

Eventually there will emerge search engine algorithms, and even new search engines, that will be able to filter the scams from the real content sites and that day isn't far off either. Even CC2k has part of it's team hard at work writing an algorithm to accomplish just that. But with all the competition out there all we can say on that, is wait and see.

In our studies to find the best methods of getting good search engine results and better page ranking we have come across a number of articles we feel compelled to share with you.

Please use the links to the right to read these articles and learn what you need to know to come out a winner in the information war.

This information is intended for those seeking to build quality content sites that add to the overall usefulness of the internet. Spammers, Scam Artists, Link Farmers and such... GO THE AWAY!

10 Useful Articles to Improve you SEO technique

We believe that by using the knowledge gained from the articles above and through diligence in perseverance anyone can succeed in publishing useful content to the internet.

Here are 10 Bonus Tips

  • Publish content that you are authoritative on
  • Share what you have learned in life with others
  • NEVER spam search engines or email
  • Keep your pages uncluttered and easy to read
  • If you advertise on your web, keep it reasonable
  • NEVER use black hat tactics
  • Beware claims that seem to good to be true
  • 1 page of good content is worth 10 junk pages
  • There is no substitute for hard work and effort
  • Quality will lead you to success

Good Luck, and Good Publishing!


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