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Solution - How to fix Photoshop CS2 Text

I recently decided that it was time to replace my aging 550Mhz P3 Win95 computer with something more suited to the 21st century. So I built myself a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Quad, 4Gb DDR2 Ram, GForce 8500 w/ 1Gb DDR2, 500Gb Seagate HD etc.

I think I liked my old machine better, this one is faster, but my old one was a lot more powerful software-wise.

I decided since I was building a new machine I would upgrade my software where I could afford it.

For now that boiled down to Photoshop and MS Office, the rest will have to wait for more funds to come in.

Anyway, I got everything assembled, installed Windows XP, jumped through the Microsoft hoops (I ported the OS from the old machine I am scrapping) of phone validation.
I let it all simmer for a couple of days, bought a copy of Photoshop CS2 from EBay and ran through the install.
What happened next drove me up a wall for the next 3 days!

The install seemed pretty uneventful and showed no signs of any problems. That is until I tried to open one of my PSDs from work!
Every time I tried to use the text tool I got an error about a problem with the text engine or something to that effect.

I spent 3 days searching the internet for a solution but all I found were lots and lots of other unhappy CS2 users trying to figure out the same perplexing issue.
At times it seemed as if there was no rhyme or reason to why this was happening but without the ability to work with my files from my office I might as well go back to my old 5.5 version.
I read posts from people where they had thought it was RAM, had tried reinstalling the OS, had reinstalled CS2 numerous times and even tried deleting and reinstalling ALL of their fonts. None of which seemed to work.

It seems even Adobe had no ready solution to why this was occurring.

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel I remembered my own words on many occasions, "Computers are actually very simplistic in the way they think and therefore the answers are always simple and logical, its people who complicate the issues and, excluding hardware failures, everything else is attributed to HUMAN ERROR".
I turned off my PC and went to sleep. The next day I went to work, leaned back in my chair with a cup of coffee and asked myself why this program installed and ran without a hitch here and yet acted like total trash when I installed it at home?

I went through the obvious check list first. Could I have bought a bootleg copy that was not working? The packaging looked authentic.. So for now I ruled that out.

Next I examined the symptoms, I had noticed that on my home machine when I looked at the fonts preview column not all of the font names displayed a preview of the actual font. Hmmmm.... 
This was not the case here in my office. Many people on the net attributed this to corrupt fonts and had tried replacing all their fonts to no avail, Logically if my fonts were corrupt this would have been evident in other programs as well......   Click to continue

Some people had claimed to have gotten temporary relief by deleting all of the fonts installed by Adobe. AHAAA, A Clue!

Why would an Adobe program reject its own fonts? Well Lets see..

Adobe fonts are true type fonts, could it be a problem with only true type fonts? Maybe...
Next I looked at what else was different about my machine at work.It was pretty straight forward, had nothing special installed on it aside from a couple of custom program editors I used in my day to day activities as an application designer. Could they have installed something that was missing from my home machine???  <DING>!

That made sense to me instantly, the problem might not be that anything was broken at all , but rather something was missing from the equation. What could be missing?
I ruled out my programming tools because they are not all that common and would only be found on the smallest fraction of computers having this problem.

So what exactly was on my machine at home, next to nothing. I took another look at my programs menu on my work machine. Aaaahh....
I have Acrobat Reader 7 installed, I didn't have that at home. Could Acrobat Reader have something to do with the mysterious problems plaguing Photoshop CS2 users? When I thought about it it made perfect sense, back at Adobe they were most likely to have Acrobat Reader installed on all their machines and if it had installed something that was required by CS2 but had somehow been taken for granted by their developers it might not have been included in the installs...  Hmmmm......

I decided to wait until I got home. I finished my coffee and went back to work as usual for the rest of the day.

HEY!  Am I going to give you a solution to the problem with Photoshop CS2 text not working properly or what! Yes, but I wanted to write all this out to point out how, as humans, we tend to jump to conclusions and over complicate the simplest of fixes.

This long article was written in hopes that others will take a moment, sit back, and think things through before blaming it on windows, programmers, the weather or whatever.

Relax - Think - It Will Come to You
But in case you haven't Already Figured it out....

Click Here: Solution to Photoshop CS2 Text Problem
or see bottom of this page.

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One last word of caution: PC repair and upgrade requires both mechanical aptitude as well as logical thinking and some degree of programming ability. While I am willing to share my knowledge of PCs here with you, I can not and will not assume responsibility for any damages or losses you may suffer from the use or misuse of information contained here. If you are not comfortable building or repairing your own PC, or if you have trouble understanding the knowledge contained in these articles, I URGE YOU to seek out a professional repair technician to do the work for you.

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This is the solution to the elusive text problems that have plagued some Adobe Photoshop CS2 users including myself is as simple as the solution to the right!
  1. Uninstall Photoshop CS2
  2. Install Abode Acrobat Reader 7
  3. Re-Install Photoshop CS2


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