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Solution - How to stop Dreamweaver CS3 from crashing while selecting text or code.

Like many of you I have been pleagued with a mysterious crash that began occurring in Dreamweaver CS3 a while back.

The crash in CS3 would happen to me whenever I tried to select certain blocks code or text. At first it seemed as if there was no rhyme or reason to the crash, but as I ran accros it more frequently I began to see it happen in specific areas. For instance, if I were selecting code (PHP) that was pure code it never seemed to happen, but if the code were in the body of the webpage and intermingled with HTML then the crash occurred. Also, it didn't seem to happen when I clicked into a spot to type in something new or delete something using the backspace, but ONLY when I tried to actually select / highlite a bit of code, then I was almost assured of a crash if that bit was on a page that mixed code (PHP in my case) with HTML.

Not wanting to risk lossing my work or settings doing a reinstall I, at first, tried working around the problem by using notepad to hand edit those pages which caused dreamweaver to crash. But, as time went on it seemed top affect more and more of my web pages, which of course I found very frustrating to say the least. IN the end there seemed to be not other choice but to reinstall dreamweaver and hope it did not remove my settings or cause me to loase any of my work. Fortunately, Adobe has thought all that through very well and the reinstall didn't causeany ill effects... Click to continue

However, it also did not cure my issue and so I began searching the internet for a cure to stop Dreamweaver CS3 from crashing.

After some indepth searching and reading through a number of forums I did happen upon a solution that works quite well, is easy to implement and appears to have left my work and settings undisturbed.
So, if you have read this article and are experiencing the same troubles as I did please try this simple to cure your Dreamweaver crash problems.

Cure For Dreamweaver CS3 Crash

  1. Make sure Dreamveare is not running
  2. Open windows explorer and navigate to  C:\Documents and Settings\
    [Your username]\
    Application Data\Adobe\
    Dreamweaver 9\Configuration
  3. Delete the WinFileCache[anything].dat file
  4. Open Dreamweaver and give it a try.
If you followed the above proceedures correctly your installation of dreamweaver should be working correctly and you should now be able to edit pages normally without those annoying crashes.
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