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Tips Tricks and Tweaks to Building a Great PC

I've spent 23 years repairing, building, and programming PCs. In that time I have written my own custom programs and applications, like my remote controlled combination music/video player. (who needs software stores) I've built hundreds of computers both for myself and commercially. I have designed custom intranet LANs and custom business applications and database drive ecommerce systems.

The tutorials on this page are written exclusively for viewing here at CC2k and while we encourage links to our site these articles may not be copied, distributed or reprinted in any way without the express written permission of myself, Ron Haines. All materials on this page and all articles linked to from this page are property of Ron Haines. Copyright 2007 Ron Haines, all rights reserved.

These tutorials span 23 years of knowledge in the PC industry and will offer you insight not only as to what works best, but why it works. It is my belief that the real secret to building great PCs, programming kewl applications, or upgrading your existing computer, is in developing a deep understanding of how your computer is thinking.

When we approach programming and PC building from the logical viewpoint our computer sees then we will find that our computer can perform with much more efficiency and will happily give us the results we expect. In short if we give our computer what it is asking for, it will give us what we ask for.   YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH YOUR PC

The list on the right contains articles that share most of my technical experience. I hope you will find then easy to understand and useful as you venture forth into the world as a power PC user.

One last word of caution: PC repair and upgrade requires both mechanical aptitude as well as logical thinking and some degree of programming ability. While I am willing to share my knowledge of PCs here with you, I can not and will not assume responsibility for any damages or losses you may suffer from the use or misuse of information contained here. If you are not comfortable building or repairing your own PC, or if you have trouble understanding the knowledge contained in these articles, I URGE YOU to seek out a professional repair technician to do the work for you.
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