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Sites to watch out for

The purpose of this list is to warn surfers, webmasters and users of email about potential treats so they can avoid being victims of fraudulent practices. The sites below are under suspicion of fraudulent practices. If you believe you are unjustly accused and can provide proof, contact cc2k Administration.
The list to the right are websites that are either using unethical means of obtaining search traffic or are hosting pages designed to steal identity and passwords.

Currently we are only listing sites which are unethically obtaining search traffic, but like Megan's list for sex offenders we intend to publish lists of all bad sites we find and in the near future we will begin posting sites that are engaged in phishing activities as well..

Anyone who feels they do not belong on this list may contact CC2k administration and present proof. Websites found to be listed here in error will be promptly removed from this list.

Websites that are on our Bad Boys List

  • www.dialorecords.com
  • www.impassemidi.com
  • www.dynamicbullet.com
  • laslvctv.ur5kaw.info
  • www.iamben.com
  • experiences.tickets-junction.com
  • www.accessticketcentral.com
  • www.25thstreettheatre.com
  • 1best.be
  • strip.eros.waw.pl <CLOAKER>



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