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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)We want your Input!

We can't hear you......  We've been watching and many of you are slacking off on your input. We sincerely desire your input, we understand that the best way to build an appealing world class site is by paying attention to the views and suggestions of our audience, so drop us a line and let us hear from you.

I know we've said this a million times, but let us say it again, CyberCity 2000 is YOUR website.

Some commercial sites are only interested in demographic collection, this is not the case with CC2k. We are dedicated to being out of the ordinary. CC2k wants to be your place on the net. But to do that we need your help. Out of the thousands of visitors to CC2k each month only a small percentage take the time to participate and let us know what they like, dislike, or want to see next. We rely heavily on your input to design future areas of CyberCity 2000. As such, won't you please take a moment to click the comments link and let us know your thoughts?


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NEW this week at CC2k

  We have decided it was time to get the fun stuff going here at CC2k and so I have a couple fo things to mention, both of which you can read more about elsewhere on this page. First the IParty servers are back in operation this week, and secondly a new set of unreal deathmatch arenas will open in the next few days. Also, much larger and totally new game 3D game will be opening later this year too! Oh yeah, and I might as well mention the all new CC2k_Plus application. C'ya on the Party Line! 


Added Pogo game playing convenience to the CC2k line up, so now all you Pogo players can get there with ease from anywhere in CC2k. For those of you unfamiliar with Pogo it is a great game site that has lots of free games to play. You can play the games for tokens which you can then use to by lottery type tickets and try you luck at winning REAL CASH prizes!


We've made a few changes to the NavBar at the bottom of your screen, adding Anti-Virus and TV Guide convenience for our visitors here at CC2k.

We are always thinking on ways to improve CC2k as well as the overall navigation of the site. We welcome any suggestions you might have so don't forget to drop us a line from time to time and let us know what you think.

Well, there's more but time is better spent working on the actual projects and so we'll leave a few things for you to discover on your own. We hope you enjoy the all the new additions as well as the improvements to the old.


from the staff of CyberCity 2000

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)New games are coming to CC2k!

  CC2k is hard at work developing a new game for out visitors. We are hoping to have it completed by early fall. In the mean time we have added our own deadly deathmatch levels to the popular game Unreal. The unreal deathmatch arena which is in an ongoing developement stasis will open to the public sometime later this week. (You must have Unreal and it's latest patch v226 installed in order to play).

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)Cable Guide Restored!

We've added some great links for our Canadian neighbors, St John's Newfoundland Ca.

Among these we've added The Newfoundland Labrador Online version of BuySell Magazine. You can use this handy link to browse the latest edition of BuySell or if you have any items you would like to sell you can place an ad right online! Their regular ads are FREE and they also offer option ads like bold type and photo ads. Placing your ad online combines the convenience of placing your ad from home with the assurance that it will appear in the next issue of BuySell Magazine.

Just as we promised we did some fishing around and came up with a way for you to keep up with TV listings online. NEW! we have changed our links to the Cable TV Guide to the ONLINE VERSION of TV GUIDE magazine. The first time you access this link you will need to select the settings for your area, after which you will be redirected to the proper listings on return visits.

We are planning on offering more links to help service other parts of the globe as well and hope to have them online for you by mid July.

We are always thinking on ways to improve CC2k as well as the overall navigation of the site. We welcome any suggestions you might have so don't forget to drop us a line from time to time and let us know what you think.

Well, there's more but time is better spent working on the actual projects and so we'll leave a few things for you to discover on your own. We hope you enjoy the all the new additions as well as the improvements to the old.

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)CyberCity Live Radio

CC2k Live is back on the air!

We would like to extend our thanks to all who tune in for their patients during this time of transition. We promised you we were working to bring CC2k Radio back to you and we have done just that. We hope you will keep listening.

Also, we added a new request page so you can send us your music requests and dedications. We hope you enjoy the format and as always if you have any comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to send them to us.

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)CyberCity 2000 will just keep getting better

A question was asked the other day. A visitor wanted to know if CC2k was for real or just one of those websites that come and go by the hundreds in the course of a year.

Well... In reply let me say this CyberCity 2000 is not some fly by night operation. We spent 1998 on the layout and planning for CC2k, with a brief period of online presence during the late summer and fall months. In 1999 we began the programming of CC2k rev2 which was officially launched online March 99. V2.0 had it's humble beginnings as a search page and children's activity section. In the months that followed CyberCity grew and grew adding music, live radio, culture, history and science.

The future for CyberCity is brighter than ever. There are literally dozens of projects to be implemented during this first year of the new millennium. We aren't going to tell you all the great stuff coming cause we don't want to spoil the surprises. But stay tuned because CyberCity 2000 is here to stay!

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes)CyberCity 2000 Internet Party Line

    CC2k and Iparty are back. Internet Party Line is back in action at CC2k once again, And heve we got some suprizes to go along with it. There is an all new interface for Iparty and it has pleanty of other suprizes too!

(New Release Dec 4, 2004)

These servers have been a long time coming but we are certainly glad the wait is over. Along with the return of Iparty, comes a new game server. The game is a new set of levels based on the Unreal 3D Engine (UNREAL and it's latest patch v226 are required for play). You can read more about the game here, or visit its home page here.


TIP: Many of the rooms are fairly new and need a little help getting off the ground. Let your friends know you are going to be using them. Coordinate a TIME and ROOM to meet with your friends. That way you won't be missing each other by minutes all the time. We have noticed that although our rooms are constantly receiving visitors, many people find themselves sitting there alone. This is mainly caused by the hit and miss way people use the chat rooms. If you coordinate TIME and ROOM with friends this will help solve this situation while the rooms become better known throughout the internet. We appreciate your help in getting these rooms off to a good start and wish you lots of fun and great chat! Remember if you have a suggestion, just drop us a line and we will try and accommodate it for you.

Internet Party Line is a way for you to communicate on the net via a simple headset and client program. The program is very small. under 2 megs and will not interfere with your other programs. We have given the interface a new look and packaged the program into a easy to install zip file.

If you are tired of typing, or are finding it difficult to get your meaning clear with just text, try Internet Party Line today. At Present there is only one chat room open, but we will be opening more soon.

To those who have been frequenting Iparty for the past couple months... Thank You for your support. C'ya in Iparty.

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Logosm.jpg (1014 bytes) St John's Business Express, No-Nonsense business links

  CyberCity 2000 is pleased to launch Business Express for the visitors of St John's. This area of CC2k is dedicated to providing Canadians with the links and services they want and need on one simple to use webpage. No clutter to confuse you, but plenty to offer, links to News, Sports and Stocks. One of the best search engines on the net, Merriam Webster's Online dictionary, a handy holiday reminder and more. The St John's Business Express is geared towards the needs of Canadians, not only in St John's but everywhere. We hope you will like business express and return to it often. In the coming months we will continue to add more features and improve the custom tailored features that suit the needs of Canadians. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can best serve you.

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