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Streaming audio and video services.

Let CC2k help you create an attention grabbing catching presentation.

  • Streaming Audio and Video

Get your point across with a delivery that says it your way. With streaming audio or video you're in command of your audience. You're prospective clients will see and hear your presentation exactly the way you intend. CC2k staff will work with you to help answer your questions and help guide you through producing a truly great presentation. We can work from your audio and video, or if you prefer we can create a complete production for you.

  • Scripting

Need help putting that attention grabbing presentation together? We can help you with ideas, graphic layouts and outline to create a production that will help you get your prospective clients attention and keep it.

  • Affordable Pricing

With CC2k you won't drive yourself to the poor house either. We believe that quality does not have to come with a surgeon's price tag. We offer some of the most competitive rates on the internet. Our staff will work in close contact with you to custom design a site that will suit both your needs and budget. Quality is the order of the day at CC2k. We take every project personally, after all our reputation is out there in the public eye too.


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