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Custom Software and Application Design


Need Custom Applications?
We're here for you now. Specializing in applications designed to meet unique needs. Let us handle all aspects of your programming needs, concepts, layout, programming, user friendliness, and stylish graphics. We recently completed a project for a POS support firm which knocked hours off troubleshooting and POS programming tasks, giving them a superior advantage over their competitors. Let us do the same for you! Get multimillion dollar applications designed at reasonable prices. Complete client confidentiality. Complete ownership, or licensing packages available.  
Consultation and Evaluation Phase
A specialist will meet with you and your staff to personally discuss your needs. Then we will conduct an extensive evaluation of those needs to begin translating your project into a useful and valuable software application.
Software Engineering and Development Phase
Our programmers will continue to work closely with you and your staff through out the project to insure that all interfaces are 100% user friendly and offer a comfortable, natural feel. We believe that new software should be designed to user specifications, and not require users to have to re-learn the processes they are already expert in.
Support Phase
After your application is thru Beta-Testing we will continue to be there for you, offering support during the first 90 days of operation. Should any adjustments be necessary we will be there to make sure they are implemented in a timely fashion.
Afterwards, if you so choose, we offer an optional 1 year extended phone support phase to deal with any questions or instruction that may crop up. 

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