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Multimedia Advertising and Gifts

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Specializing in multimedia CDs for most any advertising need.

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Sales Promotions
  • Mass Marketing

In today's competitive world you need competitive advertising. You need a way to reach your clients that will put you ahead and keep you there.

Advantages of Multimedia vs. Conventional advertising

  • Easy to use. Autostart feature removes the need to be a computer guru.
  • No installation required (for CD versions).
  • Built in connectivity directly to your website drives targeted traffic to you.
  • Multimedia listings cost less than most 3 line classified ads.
  • Presentations are more memorable and carry more impact than a simple flyer.
  • CD reproduction costs are inexpensive. (reproduce your own from your master)
  • Includes a self installing non-CD version for download from your website.
  • 360 degree panoramas, video presentations, real estate listings, product catalogs.

Multimedia CD's also make very thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

  • Photo Albums
  • Video Albums
  • Multimedia Advertising CDs
  • Multimedia Entertainment CDs
  • Travel and Home Video CDs
  • Sales Presentations
  • Multimedia Gifts for all ages!

Whatever your needs we can help you present it in a most memorable way. Production prices start at just $99, contact us today for more information on this exciting new media.

Also, if you would like to add or remove material (such as adding another video to an already mastered CD), we will be glad to make the changes for a small fee.

 Reproduction costs are very low. You can burn your own copies from the master CD for as little as 10 cents per copy, or if you prefer we can provide you with additional copies for a small fee, or put you in touch with a commercial reproduction service.

Our CDs also make the perfect gift for friends and family!

Home Video CDs :

We can produce CDs that contain up to 2hrs of your favorite video, either a single movie, or many short subjects. With auto play, easy to navigate menus, and your personal greeting your friends and family will love it. Just imagine how delighted they will be to have received such a thoughtful gift!

Picture Album CDs :

If you prefer, we can produce a photo album CD instead. With easy navigation, and some personal narration, your photo albums will be true works of art destined to become family heirlooms.

And of course we can always produce a combination of video audio and photo CDs for you.

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