Custom LAN ( local area network ) systems

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Custom LAN ( local area network ) Systems

Many homes and businesses today are moving towards private networks to deal with the issues of centralized printing and file sharing. As more homes become multi-computer owners it's a smart choice to look into setting up private LANs ( local area networks ) to eliminate the need for extra printers and to make sharing files more convenient.

Advantages of having a LAN include, but are not limited to

  • Shared Printers

With shared printers it is not necessary for every computer in your office or home to have every type of printer or even have a printer at all. The flexibility of sharing printers over a private network are many. In the office computers from the sales desk could perhaps print completed orders directly on the printers in the shipping department there by eliminating footwork, and the need to print multiple copies. In the home perhaps the children's study computer doesn't need a high speed laser printer for every piece of homework it cranks out. The same print sharing advantages of corporate networks are now being used in homes, this can have any number of advantages, including the overall cost saving of not needing so many printers.

  • Centralized File Storage

Centralized storage of shared data is another advantage. With centralized storage and backup you are much safer in the event your machine should crash. Centralized file servers are more economical and efficient. Data coordination is also more efficient and reliable.

  • Increased Security for your entire system

through the use of servers to handle the print jobs and data that you need or wish to share security is better and easier to implement. You won't need to expose your machine to unnecessary shares and open ports.

  • Single Internet Connection for your entire network is a great way to save!

Reduce expenses by eliminating the need for multiple internet connections! LANs can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on internet connections. A single high speed internet connection is usually sufficient to handle the needs of any home or small business.


Allow us submit an estimate on a custom designed LAN that will best suit your company or families needs. We will be happy to discuss the many benefits of setting up and maintaining a LAN for your home or business.

Privacy an issue? Don't despair, We will help you with that too. Experienced in the use of stealth technology and firewall security, we will help you decide on a LAN that is both functional and secure.

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