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We can help you design a database to suit your internet needs.

  • Some of the Advantages

Databases allow for a more compact web site. These pages are easier to maintain and update. Database driven pages easily handle tasks such as Real Estate Listings, phone directories, customized client pages, and online product or service catalogs, and that just scratches the surface of all the possibilities.

  • Speed

Not only can a database driven page handle tasks which would otherwise be impractical, but they offer the advantage of being fast. Imagine this, a prospective buyer comes to your site searching for a product that you carry. To accomplish this without a database would require you to write hundreds, maybe even thousands of individual pages. Creating a search for your prospective buyer to use would also be a nightmare, but by using a database the search is simple, and the page is created in real time tailored exactly to the search input from your prospective buyer. These pages can include online purchase, contact information and allow for a greater range of search criteria.  

  • Security

You work hard at your business and you deserve to protect your data, and information from prying eyes. Databases can help you by storing that information in a secure way, so that you have total control over what is displayed, to whom, and when.


  • Examples

Here is an example of how one of our clients use a database control listings to a perspective home buyer. Through the use of this type of database setup the realtor is presenting only those listings that meet the home buyers search criteria, thereby eliminating many time wasting dead end leads. The home buyer sees what is available within his terms, and when contacted with the custom contact sheet we helped him create, the realtor will receive exactly the information necessary to improve his chances of making a sale many times over.

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