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Custom contact pages.

Let CC2k design your next set of contact pages tailored to fit your needs.

  • From the Users Point of View

CC2k designs your pages with your client in mind. We focus on key issues like aesthetics, composition, and easy of use. The more pleasing and easy to use your client finds your contact page, the more inquiries you will receive.

  • From your point of view

CC2k will design your contact pages to provide you with exactly the information you need. We will work hand in hand with you to design contact pages tailored specifically to your specifications. At CC2k we want you to succeed!

  • Contact Pages VS Email links

Contact pages contain definite advantages over plain email links. Some devious spammers use bots (automated programs) which scan web sites for mailto: type email links and then use those links to compile their next hit list of unsuspecting victims. Contact pages are much less susceptible to these types of email address harvesters.

Not all computers are alike. Everyone may not have an appropriate email configuration in their computer for a mailto: type link to work correctly, and they represent potential lost contacts. Contact pages however, provide everything necessary to email you directly from your server. Also, contact pages allow you more control and structure over the information you receive.


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