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Ron Haines

Las Vegas, Nevada 89031

Anytime Phone: (702) 987-1707

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  • Visionary Imagineer
  • Ability to translate thoughts and ideas to realistic product.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Able to work on projects bringing them to fruition in an unsupervised environment.
  • Ability to comprehend project needs and contribute to growth and expansion.
  • Ability to work with diplomacy while dealing with clients.
  • Excellent work ethics and commitment to success of the project.
Preferred Languages:   PHP,  MySQL,  JavaScript,  JQuery,  HTML,  HTML5  CSS


Experience SKILLS Experience
PHP / MySQL years Software Design 5 years
Ez Publish 4.3 years Computer Repair 15 years
JavaScript years Photo Restoration 6 years
JQuery year POS support Technician 3 years
HTML / XHTML / DHTML years Video Editing / TV Commercials 2 years
CSS years Database Design 8 years
XML years Website Design years
Object Oriented Programming / OOP years SEO Techniques years
GUI Application Design 19 years Adobe Photoshop years
    Adobe Dreamweaver years
Flash streaming and live video 6 years ULead Multimedia Studio 4 years
AJAX / cURL / SOAP / Remote API years Building Desktop Applications 3 years
Networking and Cabling 11 years Postfix / Email Server Configuration 5 years
ALSO Video Editing For Web and TV      Sample CommercialSample Infomercial
Test Scores
Employment History

American Casino and Entertainment Properties LLCLas Vegas, NV3/2012 - Present

Web Developer

Duties Performed

Money Madders LLCLas Vegas, NV7/2011 - 3/2012

Project - Creation of an online prepaid credit card site/application consisting of virtual terminal, card loading, balance checking, card to card transfers etc.

Duties Performed

  • Create APIs for processing E-Checks, Card Loads, Balance Checks, etc.
  • Created Emailing functions for notifications, password recoveries, etc.
  • Created Merchant Gateway API for purchases using Money Madders Acc.
  • Backend for member support, stats,site maintenance etc.
  • Some image and graphics re-work
  • Other functions and routines to handle daily tasks and maintenance.
  • Some MySQL work regarding the creation of tables and code.
  • Updates to code various configuration changes

Robert Half TechnologiesLas Vegas, NV8/2010 - 3/2012 (temporary job assignments)

Latest Assignment 3/2012 - 3/2012 - Consultant for Blain Warren on some programming issues.

Short term assignment - consulting only no actual work performed

8/2010 - 9/2010 - Migration of StratosphereHotel.com and AquariusCasinoResort.com to new service and to get them up an running on ez publish CMS platform from fragmented backups.

Duties Performed

  • Migrate two websites to new servers and onto eZ Publish CMS from backups
  • Recover missing data and images that were missing from the Aquarius backup.
  • Created custom suite of back end tools to assist in the migration and recovery of missing data, files, and images
  • Created and installed user module for admin interface
  • Modified settings to overcome incompatibilities with PHP-cgi compiled web server
  • Created manual to cover the modifications and changes, maintenance, future setup instructions and migration procedures
  • Configure the Ez Publish CMS to work properly on the new server
  • Modifications to setup to improve speed on content delivery
  • Misc fixes to code various configuration changes
  • conversion of the database and cache systems
  • Improved cache clearing routine on back end, (the original code was causing CPU to hang at 100% on server)

Various Other Assignments -   (See Below for More RHI Assignments)

Enet ConnectLas Vegas, NV4/2010 - 8/2010    (Layoff due to company restructuring)
Short Term Loans & Credit Reporting Web Site


  • PHP programming on the Creovel MVC Platform
  • Creation of OOP methods for performing Data I/O
  • programming AJAX to interface with Creovel
  • programming CURL routines to interface with various APIs using JSON and XML
  • Decision tree programming to send received data to the proper API
  • Created MySQL database for the website
  • Creation of email validation and password reset script and customer follow up
  • Creation of various control panels and GUIs to perform in a stylish and user friendly manner
  • Creation of decision tree surveys for automated customer follow up
  • Javascript and Ext JS framework programming to create customer friendly interfaces and transfer processing load to improve server performance
  • Some Artwork using Photoshop (Main Images, some buttons, banners, and background gradients);
  • Installed and configured Webmin on their Linux Email Server
  • Configured Postfix for multiple users and domains on their Linux Email Server

Due to account restrictions on the paynet site, rather than provide a link I am instead providing a link to some demo video that will demonstrate the functionality I programmed into the site as far as control panels using PHP, JSON, MYSQL and Ext JS. DEMO VIDEOS

During my employment with Enet Connect I created 100% of the paynet site, with the exception of layout concepts by their graphic artist.


Robert Half TechnologiesLas Vegas, NV12/2008 - 4/2010
Various Assignments

Perform Various Assignments

  • Networking
  • Setting up and configuring web servers, mail servers, and file servers
  • Building workstations & installing software
  • Configuring Routers
  • Running network cables
  • Programming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, LAMP, WAMP)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • IT Administration

Recent LAMP Projects

  • Be Your Trainer - Programmed the Exercise and Fitness Sections
  • Big Money Plays - Programmed PHP and MySQL databases
  • After Party LV - Programmed their streaming video applications

Recent Projects Complete:
The following provides some detail as to the complexity of some of the most recent projects I have completed.


  • User Registration and Login
    o Designed and implemented MySQL Database Tables
    o Functions to walk user thru signup
    o Collect and Store the minimum required data to begin using the system
    o Email Account confirmation w/ validation links to the user
  • Password Reset
    o Handles forgotten password by emailing a temporary password to the email stored in the users account
    o Email provides link to login as well as written temporary password
    o Upon login user is sent to a password reset screen to choose and set a new account password
  • Family Information Database
    o Stores various family information of the users family
    o Allows to add / edit / delete family members
    o Add / edit / delete personal information
    o Address
    o Insurance
    o Employment
    o Contact Information
    o Release Forms to their doctors for printing in PDF format.
    o Personal Information
    o Medical History
    o Allergies
    o Medications
  • Emergency Information Access
    o System to allow Emergency Medical facilities access to patient records with use of EMT access code.
    o Allow unregistered doctors access to patient records through access pin provided by patient.
  • Doctors Lookup Directory
    o Lookup tables to patients to find their doctor or add their doctor if they are not already in the database.
    o Provides the patient with an ACCESS PIN to allow doctors to printout New Patient Forms on first visit.
  • Overall Site Functions
    o Lighted LEDs to indicate the status of various sections Red = never started Yel = partially completed Grn = marked as complete by account holder
    o Rollover help button to provide assistance with the various areas
  • Dynamic ajax style programming style to allow smooth functionality without excessive page reloading



  • Streaming Media Functions
    o Uploader for adding progressive (.flv) streaming flash files to the system.
    o Administration to add / edit / delete available video streams.
    o Coded player for delivery of streamed live events as well as progressive download videos.
    o Control and access to videos based on payment for the events
  • MySQL databases to store video stream information



  • Member Exercise Routine Areas
  • MySQL database tables to store user information
    o User stats – current level, last workout, progression, workout history, custom routines, etc.
    o Custom exercise workouts created by the user.
    o Lookup tables to data necessary to create workouts – body parts, equipment, exercises, rates, rations, etc.
  • Functions, pages, and code to allow members to create custom workouts
  • Administrative backend to add / edit / delete
    o Body parts
    o Exercise videos
    o Exercises
    o Equipment parts
    o Define exercise criteria – equipment necessary, body parts effected, etc.
    o Define Rates, length and workout time to each exercise at each of its various levels
    o Define workout routines for each of the 12 exercise group levels.
  • Various internal functions
    o Calculate user compliance with exercise program
    o Administer and evaluate fitness questionnaire at specific intervals during the course of a workout program
    o Allow user to create and store custom exercise workouts
    o Calculate and store current workout
    o Retrieve and view and print workouts
    o Swap out exercises for the current workout session
    o Display workout videos associated with the particular workout being performed
    o Rating system for users to rate the difficulty of each workout exercise after they performed it
    o Functions to calculate user exercise rating to adjust exercise for next workout
    o Various other functions to maintain the workout system and tailor it to the user as they progressed
  • Exercise Buddy System
    o Means for users to view the exercise profiles of other members based on user allowing it

MovieGoodsLas Vegas, NV7/2008 - 10/2008
Web Based Solutions / Programmer

Web Programming and Interactive web based solutions, Database Design, Administrative back ends, Affiliate applications, Automated web applications, Picture and Video uploaders with auto preview, resizing and streaming.

During my term at Movie Goods (Layoff Due to Recession) I created a number of small utilities to automate lengthy tasks such as product inventory management, resulting in time savings as much as 90%.
I created a custom rewrite of an OS Commerce System so that it worked in a customized format treating movie titles as not only categories, but also products, and each individual poster style as a products rather than just an option (each with its own images).
I created many add on modules including a custom CCard payment gateway, bulk inventory uploader (200 lines of code as opposed to the 3100 lines of code used in the open source "Easy Populate" module), a custom module to control various coupons for discounts by individual item, bulk discount, $??.00 off purchase, and buy one get one coupons.
I also designed a custom module to control a new make an offer option where customers could haggle for a better price, a custom module for adding polls and questionnaires , modified the catalog for the ability to search by Title, Year, Cast or Genre, added custom routines to auto create 3 sizes of images in order to speed up product display. I custom optimizations on the databases and queries to improve search performance.

Created the complete custom Dark Knight site from there graphics department art renditions as well as custom modules for it like 3D browsing and purchasing.

Also a few other miscellaneous utilities and applications.

Recent projects ...

  • Movie Poster Shop
  • Batman The Dark Knight


  • Developing custom online applications
  • Programming database solutions
  • Creating custom websites
  • Creating RSS / XML driven webpages
  • Creating web based administration
  • Daily administration and SEO/SERP of web sites

Site Project:

  • Movie Poster Shop - Programmed 3D wall routines and wide spread customization of the OS Commerce application


Employer1 Same Day Group1Las Vegas, NV19/2007 - 6/2008
Software Design Engineer / Applications and Web Based Solutions
Software Design and development, Interactive web based solutions, Database Design, Administrative back ends, Affiliate applications, Automated web applications, Picture and Video uploaders with auto preview, resizing and streaming.

My projects included ...


  • Developing custom online applications
  • Programming database solutions
  • Creating custom websites
  • Creating RSS / XML driven web pages
  • Creating web based administration
  • Developing custom email solutions
  • Developing Internet/Intranet solution for web based order taking and job tracking.

During my employment with SameDay Group I wrote a number of websites including SameDayGroup.com and BikersWorldUS.com both of which are doing very well especially in Google SERP where they have risen very quickly to prominence with many key searches finding them within the top 10 listings.

SameDayGroup.com boasts an online design center which I have written in PHP JavaScript MySQL. It allows customers to design custom business cards and view the results in real time.
It then communicates through Database and Email to supply artwork ready samples so the graphics department can easily move a job from design to production upon a quick phone confirmation to the customer. It is truly a WYSIWYG online application.

Biker's World US boasts a complete online catalog with an optional 3D scrolling view of there available motorcycle stock and other products and accessories. This same scrolling viewer is also optionally available for their members uploaded pictures.

I also developed a number of small desktop applications to take care of tasks such as creating script and layout for Adobe Illustrator from uploaded graphics and artworks. Other projects included CSV generators, an Online chat application, as well as other small desktop utilities and apps.

EmployerFull CreationsLas Vegas, NV2/2007 - 9/2007
Software Design Engineer / Applications and Web Based Solutions
Software Design and development of online interactive web based solutions. Design of databases, Administrative back ends, Complete affiliate applications, shopping carts, advertising campaign applications similar to google's adwords, other minor automated online applications. picture and video uploaders with auto preview, resizing and streaming, similar to youtube.com type functionality.

Some of my major projects...

  • Johbs.com -
    Developed their Admin,
    Affiliate and Advertising solutions.
  • AlwaysKeepInTouch.com -
    Developed the Admin back end,
    Email Throttling Controls,
    Flyer Creation,
    Automated XML Feed Creation,
    and Flyer Email Systems.


  • Developing custom online applications
  • Custom database solutions
  • Custom E-Commerce systems
  • Custom RSS / XML driven systems
  • Optimized Dynamic website Administration
  • Custom Email Systems

EmployerEMS PC RepairLas Vegas, NV12/2006 - 2/2007
Onsite Computer Repair
Onsite Repair of residential and commercial computers and LANs. Software installations, virus removal, hardware upgrades and installations.

Employer11 Painter llc.Las Vegas, NV10/2005 - 11/2006
Software Design Engineer / Webmaster / IT Administrator

I maintained a number of websites including VIP-LasVegas, Strippers Choice, and Choice Escort, which I helped conceived and design.

VIP-LasVegas is a database driven ecommerce site, incorporating ASP, JAVA, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and a number of custom routines. I also designed a number of smaller database driven membership sites for the firm, as well as built, programmed, and administered their in-house web server, as well as administration of their off site webs also.

The in-house server I built runs MS Win2k Server and IIS5 and houses the bulk of their websites, some of their databases and is host to online voice chat rooms.

I designed and programmed their off-site and in-house databases, programmed their internet voice chat application and a few in-house utilities and other small applications.


  • Creation and maintenance of websites
  • Creation and maintenance of databases
  • Creation and maintenance of E-Commerce system for their various websites
  • Administration of in-house servers
  • Design and implementation of various other pieces of software
  • Graphics Design for VIP-LasVegas and other websites
  • Creation of RSS feeds to promote visitors to all sites
  • Marketing Research and Search Engine advertising campaigns.
  • Photo retouching of Models
  • Custom Ebay HTML ads and campaigns

EmployerPOS Solutions Inc.Big Bear Lake, CA09/2003 - 10/2005
Software Design Engineer  &  Field/Support Technician

I have designed and programmed POS training simulations, POS reference tools, and Remote Tech Tools. These Applications aid in the training of new support technicians, provide easy access to much needed reference materials, and provide remote diagnostics and resolve of POS issues.

My duties included,

    • Design, Creation, and implementation of cutting edge support technology software for McDonald’s POS.
Duties include further development of this cutting edge software which I have conceived and written.
This software allows remote diagnostics, programming, and configuration, of key elements in the POS environment such as ABS, KVS and Printer Assignment programming. This software makes the need for phone guided, hands on, resolve by onsite crew persons practically non-existent.
    • Creation and implementation of web based management software for the company.

Duties involved creating software that allows remote input and review of support tickets by technicians. The creation of RMA and parts orders thru an online environment, and the ability to monitor and manage these services from virtual locations. 

    • Modification and automation of key elements in the company’s internal management software.

Duties involve making modifications to forms and creation of new queries that automate key processes, in the forms used for the company’s in house support and management on MS access based software.

    • Development of new prototype software to enhance the capabilities of POS support vendors.

Duties involve engineering, design, programming, and implementation of the next generation of On-Site POS support monitoring hardware/software solutions.

    • IT administration of our Servers and Workstations.

Duties involve software installation, security policy administration, and hardware maintenance.

    • Data base programming of our in house software using MS Access.

Handling of support calls requiring in-depth POS knowledge for escalated support issues.

EmployerCyberCorp 2000Big Bear Lake, CA03/1998 - 09/2003
Owner / Software Design Engineer / IT Administrator / Webmaster

Website design, custom applications, custom systems, software design, multimedia productions for web and CD-ROM.

EmployerProfessional ImagingBig Bear Lake, Ca01/1991 - 04/1995
Owner / Photo Restoration Technician
Photo Restoration and graphics design

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