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CyberCity 2000 Internet Party Line Chat Rooms

** ALL NEW ** CC2k Iparty Interface, vastly improved Iparty!
Click Below then choose RUN to start the interface.

CyberCity 2000 Chat

NOTICE: A New CC2k IParty Interface will be released Jun 01 2008, be sure to upgrade.

The first official Iparty Pranks Page

Just Choose to Run the application, or save it to your computer.

Tips for having a great Iparty Experience


(CC2k programmers have rewritten the iparty interface adding great new features)

  • Built in Ghost Mode
  • Easy Change Nick
  • Bonus Game HaCKeRz
  • Easy Web Access to CC2k
When you first click on a link you will be asked to open/run the application or to save it. You do not have to save it if you do not wish. Simply choose to open/run it and it will open and connect to our chat rooms automatically. You don't hve to install a thing, just enjoy great chat!  Next Upgrade Relase Date: 6/1/2008  Older versions of the CC2k interface are often incompatible to our embedded chat servers so be sure and upgrade any saved versions you may have.

Another GREAT innovation from the people at CyberCorp 2000

Meet the People

Blitznik's Iparty Page


Tired of being known as "<NEWBIE>" ?
Be sure and choose a new nickname when you join the first time.
Your choice will always be remembered until you choose to change it again.
Are you a little shy? You can also choose ghost mode and just hang out in secret until
You feel more comfortable. Then switch ghost mode off and join the fun.
(NOTE: You will not be able to chat while in ghost mode.)
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