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CyberCity 2000 is always looking for New Talent

Looking to be heard?

Are you a musician or songwriter who would like a chance to be heard so you can gain recognition and publicity in the eyes of the public. If you answered yes CyberCity 2000 could be your road to glory. At CC2k we are always looking for quality music to play to our visitors.

If accepted we will turn your .wav .mp3 or .ra track into music for an upcoming category in the Juke Box. By allowing us to promote your music on the net you will be exposing your sound to the masses of web surfers that come to CC2k's Music Center each day.

The deal is very simple.....

We would like to use your music in the Juke Box at CC2k, in doing so we provide you with a way to get your music in the ears and minds of the masses. Who knows, you could be the next wave to sweep the nation, or even the world!

For details on obtaining an upload account for your music please contact Manta, just click on the button below to send your request. 


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