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Becoming a Link Partner

Welcome potential link partner

Anyone can link to CyberCity 2000 but becoming a link partner with CyberCity 2000 is something special. It's an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. When you become a link partner with CyberCity 2000 it's a two way street, you are not only linking to CC2k but we are forming a link partnership and linking back to you.

All link partners are subject to approval, we hold ourselves in high standard and are committed to excellence in presentation. Most webmasters who apply to us for link partnership will be approved, but we have listed below the criteria upon which we base our decisions.

  • Your site does not encourage pornography or provide it.

  • Your site is not  racist or hate oriented.

  • Your site does not exploit the use of pop-up banners and windows to the point of becoming an annoyance to visitors. A pop-up where appropriate may be tasteful, but too many are distasteful!

  • Your site does not alter browser history or use any other means to prevent users from using the "back" feature of their browsers. Your site does not use any other means that FORCE users to remain in your web site!

While some may not agree with our opinion on these points, they are however the criteria upon which we base our decisions. If you run a site that is in violation of our criteria do not apply. It is necessary for us to adhere to these guidelines. CyberCity 2000 has set high standards for itself and we do not wish to compromise the quality we have been providing to our visitors since 1998.

If you believe your site has what it takes to become a CyberCity 2000 link partner and would like to join us in our efforts to produce and provide excellence on the internet then please click the link below to get started.

Link Agreement

(after reading our agreement and choosing your link to us please close the window to return here)

If you have come this far and still wish to become a CyberCity 2000 link partner, Congratulations! You are well on you way to teaming up with a winning combination. One of the best ways to link to CC2k is through the use of our pull down link menu, but no matter which link you chose we will be pleased to have you on board.

All that remains now is for you to submit your site for approval. Please click the link below which will open your email program. (if your email program does not open please email us by other means with "Link Partner Applicant" as the subject line) Include the following.....

  1. Your site Name and URL
  2. A brief description of your site
  3. either an attachment of a logo, icon, or banner  OR   a URL where we can obtain one.  (optional)

Click Here to submit your application

Once we receive your email we will review your site and email you back to let you know if your are accepted. If accepted your site links will be placed on 3 pages at CyberCity 2000.

Our site map page
(which is also submitted to ALL the major search engines - this alone will help drive traffic to your site)

Our Surf Page

Our Links Page

In addition we may also include your links on select pages throughout CyberCity 2000 based upon the content of your web site.

Thank you for applying to CyberCity 2000 for link partnership.

The staff of CyberCity 2000

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