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Welcome to Cheeterz!

No, it's not a bar or chatroom, but if you have been stuck in the same spot, in your favorite game, for way too long, you have come to the right place. Cheeterz is for us not so super-human game players who occasionally get so stuck that we need a little nudge to help us get going again. No one truly wants to cheat but sometimes it makes the difference between being bored out of ever wanting to play that certain game again or getting past the rough spot and back to enjoying our game play to it's fullest.

This page is dedicated to those of us who don't mind admitting we need a helping hand once in a while. As time goes on we will be updating these pages to bring you easy access to a multitude of game hint and code information from around the net. Links and information on this page are provided by outside internet sources, logos, icons, and trademarks are copyright of those respective companies and no affiliation is implied nor copyright infringement intended. Please show your appreciation for these mighty codes and clues by visiting the home pages that make these engines possible.


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