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The Birthday Page by CyberCity 2000

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Welcome to the Birthday Page

For Kids 18 and Younger

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Enter your child's information and we'll pop up a special birthday greeting for them at the Kids Zone on their birthday. They will be delighted to see their names pop up on our special birthday page, plus they will receive a special birthday card via email that will allow them to download a birthday game for them to have fun.

At CC2k we pay special attention to kids, giving them a safe and fun environment to play and have fun on the internet.


Enter your information below to receive your free birthday surprise and birthday card. We'll also add you to our special Birthday Wishes Card in the Kids Zone. The whole world will get to see it's your birthday!        ( PS: Get your parents permission first ) 

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Privacy Notice: This information is used exclusively by CyberCity 2000 for our birthday database, your birthday entry information is held in strict confidence and will not be sold or given to any 3rd party solicitors.

To be included in our special birthday greetings please fill in the following information.

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When were you Born?     




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