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CyberCity 2000 - Unreal Game Server Page

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Unreal is a fast paced first person 3D shooter with some of the best graphics to come along. CC2k is developing a new map with a whole new twist. We're keeping a lot of it secret for now so you just need to wait and see. We'll give you a hint though...

A combination of team play and death match which will lead to false allegiances and plenty of treachery. we think our levels will be more than you'd ever expect.

Are you playing The Game?    Be Careful and try not to get lost in the mines.

Oh, and by the way...    We'll be waiting!

Unreal  and it's latest patch v226 are required to use this part of CyberCity 2000

(Available at most software stores for under $15)

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Are you playing the game?

Tired of ordinary first person shooters where everything is mindless killing? Well, prepare yourselves....

The game is coming to CC2k. Unlike places you've been to, or things you've seen. Not for the mindless fool. Not for the camper, and certainly not for the unintelligent. The Game will challenge all your abilities, it will separate the lame from the great and if you measure up you may even survive and place you're name on the survivor's hall of fame.

Coming soon to CC2k!


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