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Welcome to the CC2k Search Facilities. You can enter your google search above or if you would like a more diverse selection then please try our metacrawler search.

Metacrawler will provide you with results from google, MSN, yahoo, looksmart, about, and ask jeeves.

Looking for information on movies, then try our movie search engine. With it you can find information on the movie you are looking for instantly. Get box office ratings and find out what is hot this week Read reviews about your movies and get a movie information about the cast of characters. Results are provided through The Internet Movie Database Ltd ( IMDb ) an excellent source of movie information.

How about health issues and information such as drug interactions or side effects? You can use our physicians desk reference search to get the medical information you are looking for.

New to CC2k is Wikipedia, Wikipedia is the FREE online internet encyclopedia. use our convenient encyclopedia search to find information on the topics you desire. Wikipedia is maintained and edited by real people so it is acurate and not full of spam like automated systems, neither is it out of date like closed database systems. Wikipedia is an excellent sourse of topic related information.

Road Maps will take you to our Mapquest ® related search. Find points of interest, or directions to get somewhere quickly and easily using mapquest.

If you need a definition then choose the dictionary search above and you'll be able to search Miriam Webster's online dictionary for all the information you need.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is also a time tested favorite as a source of great information on a wide variety of topics.

No matter what you are looking for CyberCity 2000 will help you find it fast and easy, without all the hastle.


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