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Is it possible? Can someone really discover true love and happiness over the internet?

The author of CC2k believes you can. In fact I met my soul mate right here on CyberCity 2000. It's been almost 3 yr. since Nora and I met thru the internet. Everyone said we were crazy to think an internet meeting could work, but what we found was that meeting thru the net and the hours of long intimate talks that followed allowed us to grow spiritually as well as physically. Nora and I have been together for 3 years now, and we are still very much in love with each other!

Unlike the real world where chance meetings in bars, or other public places are but fleeting moments with little time to actually get to know someone, the internet allows people to really get to know one another at a more relaxed pace.

Without the internal bonds of the heart relationships whither. The physical attraction we might feel at first glance soon begins to fade and if there is nothing else in common the relationship quickly deteriorates to one of a brief sexual fling.

  • Make a list of the qualities, morals, and values that are of prime importance to YOU, then make a list of your own morals and values.
  • Be honest with yourself, compare your lists, see what you  truly need and desire for a lasting relationship.
  • When dating, find out the other person's interests, likes and dislikes. Take time and get to know that person on a mental and spiritual level.
  • Use the information you gathered from your lists to make honest evaluations about the person you are dating, are they truly the person you are searching for?
  • Don't try and mold someone into a vision of what you are looking for, instead search for someone who's already the person you envisioned spending your life with.
  • Finally - Remember...  Physical beauty will fade over time, but beauty of the heart transcends eternity!

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                   Good Luck, and may happiness bless your heart!

ATTENTION: The Polls have ended!

Our year long poll has concluded and this is what we have discovered...

In conclusion the staff at CC2k have decided to begin construction on a totally FREE dating service for the use of our visitors here at CyberCity 2000

The service will remain absolutely free and will have such safegards in place to allow protection from email harvesters and other such inscrupulous means of spamming

Some Highlites of this new service.
  • Online Chat rooms
  • Easy signup and profile maintenance
  • Text forums and message services

Construction shall begin immediately and the new service should be online for beta use within the next few months.

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