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Tips for having a great Iparty Experience

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Many of the rooms are fairly new and need a little help getting off the ground. Let your friends know you are going to be using them. Coordinate a TIME and ROOM to meet with your friends. That way you won't be missing each other by minutes all the time. We have noticed that although our rooms are constantly receiving visitors, many people find themselves sitting there alone. This is mainly caused by the hit and miss way people use the chat rooms. If you coordinate TIME and ROOM with friends this will help solve this situation while the rooms become better known throughout the internet. We appreciate your help in getting these rooms off to a good start and wish you lots of fun and great chat! Remember if you have a suggestion, just drop us a line and we will try and accommodate it for you.
If you are new to Iparty and have just installed the Iparty program there are a couple of things you need to do.

In the folder where you installed Iparty is another folder called sessions. Inside the sessions folder there is a file called "client.ipl". Open client.ipl in notepad. You will see a section called AVATAR, in that section you will see the spot where your Iparty name is stored (usually <Newbie> OR <Guest>) that is enclosed in quotes. To choose a name for yourself simply edit that to whatever name you wish to use, but be sure and leave the quotation marks. Then save the file before closing notepad. Now when you open Iparty it will use whatever name you edited in there.


To join an Iparty room you need to tell Iparty the room you wish to use. There are a few ways to do this.

If you used the Iparty installer from CyberCity 2000 then there will be an Icon added to your start menu, you can click on this to open the Iparty program

Open Iparty and then go to "file" then to "open location". You will need to input a room ipl to join a room. There is a text list of Iparty chatroom addresses on the Join Iparty page in CyberCity 2000. You can copy and paste the address of your choice from the list or simply type in the address exactly as it appears. (the default Iparty room for CC2k is  iparty:// )

Optional room control for Netscape Users (will not work for Internet Explorer users)

If you use Netscape you can also click on the room links within the CyberCity 2000 chat pages to quickly and easily switch between chat rooms. If you have a good quality sound card you can even open multiple Iparty chatrooms in this manner.

The first time you click on an Iparty chatroom link Netscape will ask you what you want to do.....   Simple select open file with and then browse to and select the Iparty.exe file from the folder where you installed Iparty.

We highly recommend the use of Netscape for CyberCity-2000 but if you prefer to Use IE then you can either open our text list of room addresses or Download and install Iparty Extender (a front end control program for Iparty).

Whichever method you use we hope you enjoy Iparty and please drop us a line and let us know how you liked it.

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