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CyberCity 2000 ChatRoom Disclaimer

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The chat rooms in CC2k are provided as a free service and unfortunately, like all chat rooms, we are unable to monitor these chat rooms 100% of the time. Use of these chat rooms are at your own risk and discretion. If you are harassed, find someone to be offensive or suspect a lurking predator please report the incident to CyberCorp 2000 administration or a chat room administrator (found in lobbies and specially named chat rooms), they will take you information and investigate the issues, and if they deem appropriate, will alert authorities.

We would like to remind you of the feelings of others, and the laws in your area.

Please try to refrain from.........

  • Abusiveness towards others

  • Promotion of illegal activities such as the trading of pirated software or pornography

  • The Sexual or Verbal harassment of others

  • The only steadfast rule is that Nuking or Tampering in such manner as to jeopardize the stability and operation of the CyberCity 2000 servers will NOT be tolerated.....

    Solutions and Remedies may include any of the following as the administrators of CyberCity 2000 see fit. Logging of IP addresses of violators and reporting to the proper authorities. Charges being filed by CC2k administrators which could result in arrest and prosecution. Banning of offenders or their ISPs from access to CyberCorp 2000 servers and websites.

    A Word about our stand against sexual predators and pedophiles


    A Word about ChatRoom Privacy

    Chatrooms are NOT private places. Never ever assume what you say or type in a chatroom is private. While we do not practice the logging or recording of your actions there have been instances where others have. We do not have control of the content of spoken or typed interactions within chatrooms. And we do not have control over whether someone is monitoring you. So PLEASE remain aware that your conversations are NEVER 100% private in chat. Aside from this caution chatrooms are still a great way to communicate and a lot of fun, so enjoy yourself and have fun.

    Aside From this caution and a small reasonable restriction the chat rooms are open for discussion of your favorite topics. We hope you will enjoy the chatrooms and meet many friends. Chat rooms are a great place for friends and relatives who are separated by distance or circumstance to meet and chat. Please respect our wishes, and above all, enjoy yourselves. CyberCity chat is here for your convenience.



    The Administration


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