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This site provides services for kids such as free online games and streaming audio books like the hobbit and lord of the rings. We have many activities for children such as Barbie's Coloring and Makeup adventures. There are links to child safe activities such as Sesame Street, Disney, and

It is the goal of CC2k to assure a safe and wholesome environment for children to learn and play on the internet.

Aside from the games and fun things to do that we have for children, there are also many children's educational activities. In the CyberCity mall we also have a selection of educational software for young children so they can learn while having fun.

As webmasters and concerned parents we are dedicated to making CyberCity 2000 the safest and happiest place to surf on the internet.

For the whole family we have provided search engines to help you locate other internet resources. The government facilities are set up to help Americans and Canadians alike find information on government programs and services/

Our other search services include Webster's Dictionary, an online movie database, maps by Mapquest and a free online internet encyclopedia for gathering topic related information.

If you are looking for entertainment CC2k offers a wide selection of activities. Meet people and exchange ideas in our online forums or talk live in our redesigned iparty voice chat rooms. Listen and watch streaming videos and music. We have streaming video on tourist attractions throughout the US as well as superbly narrated videos that will help with education.

Tune in to CC2k Radio and relax to some music while you are surfing. CC2k Radio launches in winamp and does not require you to stay on the page, so you are free to continue surfing the net as you listen to all the hits. There is also a request line for dedicating a song to that special someone.

Site Map and Links to our friends and partners
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Your guide to services, and the best internet sites on the web.

CyberCity 2000 entrance (Home Page)
The starting point for your CyberCity 2000 experience.

Search Engine
A Metacrawler® search page that searches the top 10 search engines, scored and ranked according to your search input.

Children's games and activities
Online games for kids to play, that don't need to be installed. Links to well known educational and fun sites, such as Disney, Sesame Street, Snoopy, and more.

CyberCity 2000 arcade
Play lots of online arcade style games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Missile Command and more. Presented in Java and Flash these games need no downloading or installation.

The Gallery
Presenting the artwork of local artists and a few other surprises.

CyberCity 2000 research center
Your place to start any research project. Law, encyclopedia, US government, Canadian government, history, genealogy, and more!

US government listings
Featuring direct links to government offices and research laboratories and facilities, as well as the white house, senate and congress.

Canadian government listings
Everything you want to know. Direct links to government pages for each province and territory.

The place to start for doing genealogy research and tracing your families roots and origins.

Explore the cosmos, learn about space exploration and view images from the hubble space telescope.

Direct links to NASA, exploratorium, the hubble space telescope, and government research facilities.

Internet Libraries
When you want to know! Information on law, research material, encyclopedias, and more!

The Farmer's Almanac online
Information online direct from the farmer's almanac.

Barnes and Noble
Your online store for purchasing the books you want at great savings!

Merriam Webster's online dictionary
Need a dictionary? This page is for you.

Direct links to Exploratorium and select articles.

Maps and directions
Simply input your starting point and destination to receive maps and turn-by-turn directions for that next trip.

Online movie information
Get information on what's hot at the box office, movie reviews, and questions answered here.

Online physician's desk reference and medical encyclopedia
Find medical information on illnesses and symptoms, diseases and drugs here.

Vulcanology (the study of volcanoes)
Information on volcanoes and direct links to Stromboli and Hawaii

Weather Center
Get today's weather report for your location or others, track hurricanes, or find out about school closures here.

Online shopping mall
If your looking to do some online shopping give our internet mall a try.

CyberCity Radio
CyberCity's own online radio station features great music all the time, plus links to other great radio stations from around the net.

Real Estate
Are you looking to buy a home? Get the buyer information you need to know here.

Music and MP3s
Looking for MP3s or people with like musical interests? How about giving the online jukebox a try?

Internet Partyline chat rooms
Iparty is the best voice chat client on the web.Talk or type to all your friends or make new friends live online.

Download Iparty and Iparty Extender
Download Iparty and Iparty extender (the easy to use front-end utility for Iparty) here.

Handy tips and instructions for Iparty
Learn how to install and use Iparty and our chat rooms. We have also included some handy tips to help you get off to a great start.

Phone pranks
This is the famous Foyt Iparty pranks page. Loads of laughs!

Send a free greeting card
Send a FREE card to that special someone. You can even use your custom artwork or your own pictures.

Build your own PC and save
Extremely useful information and step by step help in building your dream computer. Written by a technician and custom computer systems builder.

Business Express
The page dedicated to news, sports, stocks, weather and information. Links to everything you need including magazines, search engines, dictionaries, lottery results, and more!

Central City directory
Positioned at the heart of CyberCity 2000, this page contains useful links to some of the major areas of CyberCity 2000

Earn money on the internet
There are lots of pages offing ways to make money on the internet, some good and some bad. We've taken the time to sort them out, and have links to the ones we have found to work best. A great time saver for those truly interested in making money on the net.

McAfee Virus Prevention Center
Our virus prevention center offers direct links to virus pattern updates, virus information, up to date virus alerts so you will always be safe. Features online purchase of McAfee anti-virus products.

Internet Webcam
This is our webcam that views cams from around the world. We also offer direct links to select webcams from around the net.

The latest news at CyberCity 2000
Read the latest on new projects and updates to CyberCity 2000. We are always busy updating the content of CyberCity 2000 in order to make it the best experience for you.

Let us know what you want
We are always improving CyberCity 2000. Working to bring your the best and to be the best takes ideas and input, your input! Take a minute to let us know what you want, what you like, and what you dislike.

About the Author of CyberCity 2000
Want to know a little about the person behind the creation of CyberCity 2000?

Linking to CyberCity 2000
We encourage links to and are always open to reciprocating links.

Mechwarrior Clan Wolverine
Clan Wolverine website. Contains downloads of netmech, and custom mechs. Also there is a wealth of useful tactical strategies and maps to help you become a deadly MechWarrior!

More links to our friends and pals
Links to some more sites around the web.

St. John's Informer
This area of CyberCity 2000 is dedicated to the people of St john's Newfoundland and the country of Canada.

Special thanks to our Link Partners

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